Releases are available at the Sourceforge file Site

Version .5

10/29/10--Added about message (start button), text engine, code cleanup

Version .4

4/18/10--AI play is drastically improved due to a better board evaluation function.

Version .3

4/02/10--Plenty of under-the-hood improvements. Added hashtable lookup for Maxmin algorithm, changed Maxmin to use templates instead of pointers/run time polymorphism, devkitpro/ARM updated to r30. Game play additions/improvements (hopefully) will follow shortly.

Version .2

11/10/09--Improved AI and computer avatar

Version .1

The first release of Reversi DS. Features fully playable game with beginning level AI opponent, touch screen interface, end of game recognition, and restart. The player can only play as black, the first color to play.